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Transformers by Carnivius Transformers by Carnivius
Just a photo I took of four of my favourite Transformers figures.  All have had slight modifications of a bit of paint or reprolabels stickers or third-party accessories/replacements.  I just like this photo cos it came out a bit instagrammy sorta thing which is unusual for my figure photos. =p

Generations Springer (with some paint and a backpack I made)
Age of Extinction - Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (with lots of paint and  Reprolabels stickers)
Revenge of the Fallen - Bludgeon (with Headrobots head & swords and Reprolabels stickers)
2-pack Grimlock (redeco of Fall of Cybertron Grimlock in G1 colours from AoE Silver Knight Optimus Prime set.  Some minor paintwork and added Iron Factory Dinoarmor and gun)

I'll post some pixel stuff soon.  Been working on my CPC game projects and making quite a bit of progress. =)
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CyberDrone Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016
They look great all lined up like that!
Carnivius Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016
I've ordered Masterpiece Tracks from a site in Japan cos it was price-reduced (figure plus shipping came to £39).  I just ordered it out of curiosity and see if the build quality has improved from when I tried them before.   Then I'll probably sell it on..and perhaps profit.    Cartoon accuracy is a little too simplified for my tastes.

You notice Springers gun?  He's holding it like Megatron and Galvatron, just inserted upside down with his forearm fin slotted into the pressure switch mechanism bit. =p
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
From what i've seen Masterpiece Tracks looks cool. and he come with a handy display stand. and a mini blaster don't he?

hehe yeah springers gun looks cool. Have you seen the new transformers that was show at NY toy fair?
Carnivius Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
Tracks' gun is pathetically small.  It's based on his cartoon gun rather than the original toy gun.   He has a stand, mini Blaster and that human guy who rode in him whose name I forget.

Yeah I been looking at the new TFs.  Have to say generally it looks better than Combiner Wars (much less use of remolds too) but in some cases the heads are severely messed up by the headmaster gimmick.  Scourge's in particular just doesn't work.  But hey I'd love if a third party did better non-transforming heads you could plug in the ports anyways.   I still would like Powermaster Prime.  Also Blurr, Hardhead and Chromedome.  Oddly Wheelie looks really well designed.   I don't really care for Fortress Maximus.  Him and Metroplex are far too large and expensive for what basically is a blocky robot that turns into seemingly random variations of blocks they like to call a city. =p
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
hehe yeah Combiner wars repaints and remolds are crazy. 

there looks like a few of the Headmasters i would get if i saw them in shops. Chromedome and Hardhead look cool. had yep i though i was going made thinking that Wheelie figure looked cool. hehe never thought i say that about him. Fort Max looked ok for me. But i can see myself getting one. with it being so big and expensive. maybe if he was like £30 i would get him. hehe more than likely be a crazy price.

I was in toys r us this weekend and they have reduced the reissue of Trypticon to £160. hehe still not lower enough for me to buy. 
Carnivius Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
£30 for a Transformer bigger than most toddlers?  In your dreams =p

Yeah £160 is still way too much for a G1 toy reissue.  £60 would be fairer and even then I'd have to really think hard about it.
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016
hehe yeah well you never know! XD maybe in a few years find one in a charity shop for like 5 quid. bet it won't have a head though.

I finally found something good in my local charity shop this week. a Real Ghostbusters Stay Puft figure and a MASK Condor bike with Brad Turner figure with mask. the bike has a missing the windscreen clear piece. but for 99p you can't moan. and stay puft was only 30p. he is a be mucky thought. 
Carnivius Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016
Cool finds. =)  Brad Turner was one of only two MASK toys I had as a kid (the other being Sly Rax and his bike/sub)

My Marvel Select Spider-Man arrived and he's very cool (and NECA scaled) but mine has a painting error on the upper torso so none of the painted weblines match the sculpted weblines and it's messy.  I contacted Diamond Select who produce it and even though I'm in the UK the lady I spoke to said she's arranging for another to be sent to me free.  So I may end up with two.  Me hope the new one will have the torso correct.  Maybe I could try repaint the messed up one into blacksuit Spidey (though that white wraparound Spider-logo is a bitch to paint cleanly)?  =)
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February 11, 2016
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