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Back after a couple of strange internet-less weeks.  Now I have 10 times faster fibre optic for less than what I was paying for crapnet so all good.  Gonna take me a while to catch up on everything though.  Hope you've all been well. =)
I won't have internet from Feb 13th til March 2nd so any messages I get here won't be read or replied to til then.   Enjoy the rest of your february, people. =)
I've been on here for 10 years now it seems.   Um.  Yeah.
Very sad to hear of the death of Harold Ramis, known to most as Egon Spengler of the Ghostbusters (which he co-wrote) and also director of Groundhog Day (again also co-writer) :(
Is very early days still but here's a brief preview of the 'RoboCop: Prime' retro game I been doing.  Just to show ya that there is indeed code and it ain't just a bunch of mock ups and such.…

Also this be my first ever youtube video upload.  Kinda weird, that.  =p  I'll look into more suitable video software at a later date when the game is more worthy of a better video.
to all of you people that watch me and fave my relatively pathetic attempts at artwork.  Hope you have a great day!  All of you.  Except that guy.  Cos he's a dick.   You know which one you are.  No not you, the other one. 

time to get some stuff in order.  gotta get this freelance project done and out of the way no matter how much I'm struggling with it.  Also got to get all these lines (there is a loooot of them) learnt for this play.  It's only 3 weeks away and we have only a few rehearsals left.  Looking forward to the pre-filmed footage we're gonna do at Nene Valley's steam engine place.  Should be fun.
Gotta take things easy, bit by bit. I don't need another huge anxiety attack again.
don't know why i fucking bother...
So very tired lately and having quite severe moodswings for a long time now.  Been to doctor's about it all and they just pass me off onto another doctor who does the same and I get no answers... rah...  Maybe it is for the best that I am alone.
Come on DA, sort yourself out and get rid of those constant error messages I was getting for the past 20 minutes...
Just having a quick browse while I check messages.   Already seen about ten pieces newly added to the Pixel Art category that use non-pixel art tools...  It's a losing battle trying to keep the pixel art section clean of all that, eh?
Just gonna be taking a break from pixels and game making for at least a week, maybe two as they take up too much of my free time and I want to concentrate on other things such as finally learning to play a damn musical instrument (I own a keyboard, acoustic guitar and a harmonica... would be nice if I knew how to play any of them).  Will still log in here every couple days or so to check messages and such but won't be doing much actual creative work for a lil while.  Just so ya know...
In addition to my Doctor Who Retro Sprite Tumblr I've now also got one specifically for my general pixel and game projects at
Made a Tumblr to go with my Who sprite webpage. Still not quite sure how Tumblr works but hey.
I get these sorts of questions or variants thereof a lot in notes and in comments on my pieces so here be a journal entry to answer them for future reference.  May add some more if I can remember any.

Q. When are you making more Doctor Who sprites?
A. When I have the time.  Each one takes a few hours or so (cos it takes a while to get them looking right) and I just haven't had much free time for a while due to other activities and commitments.  I do have about 20 unfinished ones including the Brigadier, Leela, Classic Sarah Jane, Ace, Alpha Centauri, Madame Vastra and others.  Am sure the upcoming new episodes will prompt me to find time to do one or two more like when I sprited Oswin very quickly after watching the superb Asylum of the Daleks (I seriously love the 11th Doctor era and cannot wait til 30th March)

Q. Will you ever sprite Martha Jones, Astrid Peth, Craig Owens or the John Simm incarnation of the Master?
A. Not likely.  They are easily my least favorite characters in the entire history of Doctor Who and I doubt I want to waste my limited time on them when there's so many other characters I'd much rather do.  

Q. Can I use your sprite designs to make other forms of artwork from such as perler beads, stitch patterns and such?
A. Yes, if you credit me or a link to my Doctor Who site if using those sprites.  Please treat my work with some respect and don't change them considerably.  Do not try to make money off my work, especially the Doctor Who stuff as that is trademark of the BBC anyways.

Q. Will you do the graphics for my game?
A. Very unlikely as these are often time consuming and I do not work well with others especially on projects I have no interest myself.  It doesn't matter if paid or unpaid.  I may be open to doing some very small projects if something about them appeals to me.  Large-scale JRPG's certainly do not interest me at all.

Q. How do you sprite 'so good'?  Can you teach me?
A. Nope I have no time to teach anybody but my advice is practice and studying how well crafted sprites were created and the advantages of efficient color management (using low amount of colours but choosing hues that can be used in a variety of ramps created from that low color palette).  I learnt most of my techniques before the internet was widely accessible and these days you can find tutorials of varying quality and the forums and Pixel Joint full of helpful folks who can give you help and advice to improve your own skills.

Q. Can I have your MSN/AIM/Skype/PSN/Whatever to chat to you with?
A. Nope.  I don't use most of them and the couple that I do (mainly PSN and to lesser extent MSN) are mainly just for friends and people I actually know.  I don't spend much time at all chatting on instant messengers as I find them a distraction.  Contact with me can be done with Notes on here, a private message on my Carnivac Pixel Joint account or email  Do not expect a quick reply.  Sometimes I reply straight away and other times I may be busy or just not feeling like interacting as of that time and will reply later.
Thanks to those responsible for giving me a Daily Deviation again.  Very much appreciated for a piece of work I was pretty happy with too.  And thanks to all those who have faved it and watched me because of it.

Also I'm in this week's edition of Ely Weekly, a local newspaper, along with the rest of the cast of Viva drama group's production of Stepping Out.  The online version of it can be viewed at edition.pagesuite-professional…  We're on page 22.  The show is performed next Thursday 8th, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November and yeah I'm bloody nervous cos I'm tap dancing in this play and I never really danced before doing this show.  Certainly not in public.  Maybe a little when I do an awesome kill to some player on Uncharted 3 (come on, everyone has their own victory dance surely).   We'll see how it goes.
Not gonna spoil it for anyone other than saying I thought it was an incredibly superb brilliant episode... and that I'm actually quite teary eyed and upset...  and for a TV show to do that to me... takes some doing.   Smith, Gillan, Darvill, Kingston, Moffat and everyone else involved should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.    Damn...
Yup, I'm actually having to learn to tap dance for the play I've recently been cast in.  This should be interesting.  I like my tap shoes.  They make much noise.
I won't say anymore in case Who fans reading this haven't seen Asylum of the Daleks.  Beautiful episode though.

Moffat/Smith doing great work as usual and continuing to undo the damage and foul taste caused by the mostly cringe-worthy later Davies/Tennant era.
Argh.  Please keep non-pixel art pieces out of the pixel art category.  And that includes stuff that's mostly pixelled and then crapped on with filters or gradients or glowing crud.  That's some sorta hybrid stuff I don't want to see when I click to browse Pixel Art...