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RoboCop Prime screen on real CPC by Carnivius RoboCop Prime screen on real CPC by Carnivius
Have managed to get my most recent screenshot of RoboCop: Prime actually onto a real CPC and this is a photograph of it showing on the CPC monitor.   This is the first time I've ever had CPC-style work I done on PC actually converted to my actual Amstrad CPC 464 and I think it looks kinda awesome.  =)

To do this I loaded the image into Java CPC Paint (which is part of Java CPC Desktop by this dude… ) which then saved the image as SCR picture file then added to a CDT (like a virtual cassette tape for emulation) and then I copied the CDT file to my mobile phone and I bought one of those cheapo cassette tape mp3 adaptors (looks like a cassette tape with an audio lead and is meant for connecting mp3 players to your old car stereos) and used the Android app Tapdancer to run the CDT file from my phone through that adaptor in the CPC's actual tape deck and did the relevant LOAD command on the CPC and this appeared.  =)

So yeah I think the graphics are looking pretty cool so far.  Nice to see how the sprites and tiles look on the real monitor and confirm to me that I'm using the colours right. =)
robotwo Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah yes, the marvel of modern magic :)

Best part about the computers that loaded from tape (c64, cpc, sinclair, ETC.) is that you can load stuff into them without the need for a flashcart or having to fiddle around with transfering stuff to specially formated floppies.
All you need is a audio file ;P
Carnivius Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Hm yeah.  I can have the entire CDT (cassette tape file) library on my phone without it taking up much space on there and can load them into the CPC easily.
I'm gonna get one of those 4GB flash drives for my Amiga, that can actually slot inside where a real Amiga hard drive would go but obviously this would have far greater capacity and load speed.    And then I won't actually need physical media at all.  Which means a lot less clutter in my flat. =p
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