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June 6, 2008
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Doctor Who - Retro Sprites by Carnivius Doctor Who - Retro Sprites by Carnivius
Update April 21st to add logo and new Daleks and new website address. This is the final update for this single sheet version of the gallery. All new sprites will appear as single submissions and also added to the main gallery at Thank you.

Update 5th August 2012:
Second Doctor

Update 10th April 2012:
New Dalek Paradigm

Update 21st February 2012:
Cyberman (Cybus)

Update 8th February 2012:
Sixth Doctor

Update 29th January 2012:
Eleventh Doctor (Green Coat)

Update 1st June 2011:

Update 3rd May 2011:
Eleventh Doctor (Area 51)

Update 2nd May 2011:
Canton Everett Delaware III

Update 27th April 2011:

Update 23rd April 2011:
Peri Brown

Update 21st April 2011:
Sarah Jane Smith (SJA)

Update 28th January 2011:
Kandy Man

Update 28th August 2010:
Amy Pond

Update 8th July 2010:
Eighth Doctor

Update 17th June 2010:
Raston Warrior Robot

Update 15th June 2010:
Eleventh Doctor

Update 9th June 2010:
Vincent van Gogh

Update 29th May 2010:
Rory Williams

Update 21st April 2010:
Seventh Doctor

Revamp 20th April 2010:
Nyssa (Snakedance)

Updated 19th April 2010:
Gwen Cooper

Updated 18th April 2010:

Updated 17th April 2010:
The Master (Delgado)

Revamp 16th April 2010:
Sontaran General Staal

Revamp 15th April 2010:
Tenth Doctor
Ninth Doctor
Third Doctor

Revamp 14th April 2010:

Revamp 13th April 2010:
First Doctor
The Master (Ainley)

Revamp 12th April 2010:
Death's Head

Revamp 10th April 2010:

Revamp 9th April 2010:

Revamp 8th April 2010:
Fifth Doctor

Added 7th April 2010:
Fourth Doctor

Added 6th April 2010:
'Raggedy Doctor' =p

Updated 4th April 2010:
Right I'm updating the actual graphic file to include all the sprites I've done so far. These are all Doctor Who characters from the classic series, the modern series and the comics. They use only colors from the NES palette but do not use the NES colors per sprite limit. It's mainly a practise for me to work with a set palette while trying to pixel sprites that are recognisably based on well known characters, most of whom are live action.

My friend Schu has also done some great sprites in the same format and they can all be seen at the Doctor Who - Retro Sprite gallery at [link] where it also shows who each character is and at the bottom when they were added (in case you notice any slight style changes over time). Turned off the transparent background so it's blue like the gallery page I have for them, as the DA color is too light and they don't look good on it.

Doctor Who is property of the BBC. These sprites are the property of Carnivac (me)

I've seen several DeviantArtists use some of these to make bead sprites from and that's cool but please credit me and let me know too as I like to see them and actually would like someone to make me some to stick on my wall =)
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now we just need Dialga, Palkia, and Celebi
Who are they?  :o
Pokemon that control space and time, these sprites of yours reminded me of old Pokemon game sprites
Ah right.  I get it now. =p  Sorry, needed it explained cos I don't know Pokemon that much.  I had Blue on my old Gameboy but was never really into it. Probably could only name about 10 pokemon... 20 at very most of the 151 originals.  No idea how many there are now.
Aps-BooProductionz Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist
This is awesome! Great job! :)
Thanks.  but am I missing something?   This piece seems to have attracted a lot more interest in the past couple days than usual.  Just curious as to why. =p
Aps-BooProductionz Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Idk, doctor who is pretty popular right now because of the 50th anniversary. That might be it :)
Yeah but that was last week.  I didn't get anywhere near as many views and faves then. =p
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