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Sarah and Friends
My second pixel piece of my friend Sarah this time sat playing video games surrounded by characters from some of her favourite games (and dressed in her Lara Croft cosplay outfit).  I'm not really sure why some are actual characters and some appear to be plushies (she does own Link and Sonic plushies though) but that's just the way I did it.  =p

Anyways Sarah has just signed up to DeviantArt so go be nice and welcome her!  :iconsarahsgamecollection:
My bestie, Sarah has just joined DeviantArt so go have a look if you're into cosplay/art/retrogaming and other such things. :)
Tyris Flare Cosplay #5
This was the first photoset I done of me dressed as the underrated female character of the mega drive era. 
Most of the costume was made by me- such as the necklace and bottoms and the digital effects were added by me. 


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fourth-heir Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hi there - thanks for faving :)
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
In Target 2006 Galvatron is very much coloured like the toy (and in his very first appearance at the end of the first issue he's even drawn like the toy as are Scourge and Cyclonus) but was simplified later on so mine's based more on the later ones particularly in Time Wars which is what my Megatron and Galvatron posed back to back slaughtering Autobots (and some Decepticons) =p
I had a look for that new print of Target 2006 but my town's too small for any of the shops to sell it.  I already have the paperback of that from some years ago (and the original comics).  The one I want though is the coloured versions of the later UK black and white strips.  Dunno which issue of that it will be.
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Looks cool! The Marvel UK Galvatron was more coloured like the old toy if i remember right? Have you seen the new set of rereleased Marvel UK comic hardback books being released in newsagents. Target 2006 is first up for £1,99. saw a ad on the TV. might pick it up.

hehe well these days i just can't be arsed going out. tis only an other day anyways.
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
I did some more sharpie stuff.  Work in progress of Galvatron.
Cos I don't really like the figure so am making it more of a Marvel UK comic Galvatron and I already like it more.  Somehow looks much more slender too.  Have ordered some more sharpies to do correct purple bits and red/green belt and darken the face and yellow the eyes.  Also ordered a pinkish red sharpie to use on Hot Rod to try make him his comic/cartoon colours instead of the red they keep making his toy in. 

New years I just stayed in... like I've done for every single one ever =p
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
hehe yeah i had to laugh when i heard of those breast formers!

Evil dead flask! i didn't even know they did those! cool!

i got some of those metallic Sharpies a couple of months ago to try to add some metal chipping to some models. didn't think of using them like that. BB to Goldbug looks promising. and definitely adds to Megs.

hehe yeah Bill is not the looker that Amy and Clara had. But hope she is a good character.

Happy new year mate! Did you do much for new years? i just stayed in as normal. gone are the days when i went out for new years! hehe
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