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Sarah and Friends
My second pixel piece of my friend Sarah this time sat playing video games surrounded by characters from some of her favourite games (and dressed in her Lara Croft cosplay outfit).  I'm not really sure why some are actual characters and some appear to be plushies (she does own Link and Sonic plushies though) but that's just the way I did it.  =p

Anyways Sarah has just signed up to DeviantArt so go be nice and welcome her!  :iconsarahsgamecollection:
My bestie, Sarah has just joined DeviantArt so go have a look if you're into cosplay/art/retrogaming and other such things. :)
Tyris Flare Cosplay #5
This was the first photoset I done of me dressed as the underrated female character of the mega drive era. 
Most of the costume was made by me- such as the necklace and bottoms and the digital effects were added by me. 


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Carnivius Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016
hm breast formers... one of those things Japan seemed oblivious as to how that would be seen by other countries.

Found Evil Dead flask in charity shop for £1.…

Bought metallic Sharpie markers and tested them out on this Bumblebee figure I don't like.  Could be a good Goldbug…

Then started using the silver sharpie on Megatron. It's much easier and cleaner than spray or paint.  You can see some streaks on his forearm but that'll go with another layer.  He's getting so shiny! And I used it on some of the red bits (like the wheels on the shoulder, or the legs of the Titan master so Meg's helmet is totally silver.…

Who trailer looks good but yeah bill seems annoying and she's no Amy or Clara in the looks department either.

and yeah 2016's been brutal but who's to say it's not just the start and 2017 may be worse? 
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016
You can't beat the original trilogy. can't wait till the new year to see the death of 2016! hehe

hehe spooky that you ordered the retro labels for hot rod 10 years apart. I wonder if the titans Brainstorm will ever get released over here? I wouldn't mind him as he would scale better with my other Headmasters. but i will stick with the Generations one till then.

Well at least you can use the money to get what you want. Doctor Who was enjoyable enough. never really a big fan of the xmas episodes. but it was good enough, What did you think of the trailer at the end for the new season? hope the new companion ain't as shouty as she was in the trailer. hehe Have got a feeling it will be Capaldi's last season.

hehe tits r us! well maybe you can find some of those breast formers! =P
Carnivius Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
Yeah. Not even big on Star Wars these days (hated Force Awakens) but Carrie Fisher dying is a huge thing.

My stickers on Megatron are fine.  Better than fine actually.  I accidentally covered his chest stickers in silver spray paint but I rubbed a penlid tip over them and the silver paint came right off revealing the sticker beneath (since the paint doesn't stick too much on the shiny stickers).  Before I found they could be saved I actually emailed Reprolabels about my order I placed a day before (for Titans Hot Rod stickers for $7 and also I got Titans Brainstorm stickers cos those were 1 cent so I thought I may as well even though I don't own that figure) and asked if it was too late to get Decepticon insignia stickers.  The lady there emailed back and put a sheet of them in my order for no extra cost at all.  They're lovely. =)   Also it's weird that 10 years and 1 day before that order I had paid for my very first Reprolabels order... which was for Classics Rodimus and now I got Titans Hot Rod stickers coming?  That's spooky...

I didn't get a christmas this year.  Was on my own.  Got some money mostly.   Was wary of Doctor Who this year cos I had hoped we'd seen last of Matt Lucas and wasn't sure about the superhero thing but it turned out I loved the episode and it was a lot of fun.  I should have had more faith in Moffat.   And thankfully Lucas was bearable cos he didn't have to do too much and he wasn't over crazy or wacky. 

And yeah that's a huge Drift.  Leader sized pretty much.  I wish I had go the Deluxe figure when I saw it for £6 in Toys R Us (weirdly I typed out Tits R Us before correcting...what the hell am I thinking?  It is half 5 in the morning though) some time ago as I'd like the figure but he goes for £15-£30 on ebay now so got an ebay saved search hoping I get lucky.   He'll probably get a new figure in the new film anyways though.

And yeah the Ash figure seems NECA quality so I guess it must be real.  Yay! =)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
Wow! thats a big Drift!! didn't know thay did a flip and change that big! and for free too. Nice extra paint you have old Megs. does look better. wjat are the sickers like on him? i've heard some people are saying the come off easy when transforming him?

Cool you got Ash! i won't think it will be a KO. they are quick but not that fast if doing them. must be overstock. it's a cool figure. teaming up with Robo and Superman! hehe

So how was your xmas then? get much? what did you think of doctor Who?

Fuck! 2016 is stepping up it death toll of celebs the last few days. Rick Parfitt, George Michael and now Carrie Fisher! ugh!
Carnivius Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
Local charity shop gave me a flip n change Drift figure today which was nice.  Simple but big chunky fun.  Here it is with Megatron Also you can see I've spray painted Meg's chest with silver paint and done a black wash over various details particularly on his arms.   Also sprayed Hot Rod's exhausts, guns and feet with that spray.  Is cool. 

Dunno if the Batman Beyond set came out here. I'd love to have that one.  And yeah the Superman set I neeeed.

Got my Ash figure couple days ago.  Came in a jiffy bag but was completely unbroken and intact.  If it's a KO then it's a very good one. Perhaps it's overstock.  Very happy with it. =)

have  good christmas and doctor who as well. =)
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