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Sarah and Friends
My second pixel piece of my friend Sarah this time sat playing video games surrounded by characters from some of her favourite games (and dressed in her Lara Croft cosplay outfit).  I'm not really sure why some are actual characters and some appear to be plushies (she does own Link and Sonic plushies though) but that's just the way I did it.  =p

Anyways Sarah has just signed up to DeviantArt so go be nice and welcome her!  :iconsarahsgamecollection:
My bestie, Sarah has just joined DeviantArt so go have a look if you're into cosplay/art/retrogaming and other such things. :)
Tyris Flare Cosplay #5
This was the first photoset I done of me dressed as the underrated female character of the mega drive era. 
Most of the costume was made by me- such as the necklace and bottoms and the digital effects were added by me. 


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CyberDrone Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
That's the thing with Boot sales you never know what you will get most times it's not a lot but sometimes there is a ton of stuff. hehe not really found anything so far in the boot sales. toy wise anyways.

Cool i've been tempted to get some of these KO Masterpieces. i've heard for the most part they are just a good as the real thing. only a lot cheaper. but knowing my luck i will end up with the crap one. hehe you will have to let us know what its like. is it from China?

hehe yeah i've hardly seen any MASK figures or toys out in the wild. only got the Condor and 2 figures. and Dino rider. hell i've not seen or had any of the toys since they were first out in the 1980's hehe
Carnivius Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah i went to carboot but there was hardly any TF stuff there.  I passed on a huuuge RID Bumblebee cos it not my thing but I did buy an AoE flip n change Lockdown. I really should get one of those upscaled KOs of his deluxe toy sometime.  I've ordered a KO Masterpiece Hot Rod for £18.99 to see what that's like.  I don't even know why.  Just felt like it.   Haven't ordered Titan Prime stickers yet.

Hm yeah mask or dino riders i suppose but they're not that easy to get and customise.  I've never ever seen a dino rider in my life. =p
CyberDrone Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Great pic ups. have you ordered the retrolabels for the Titans Prime then?

Yeah i've picked up those little tiny turbos too. fun little bots. didn't use the codes used the little window on the back of the packet to see which one is in there.

I've been thinking what figures to got with the Playmobil stuff. maybe those old MASK or Dino Rider figures are the right scale? hehe

So you been car booting this weekend?
Carnivius Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Haven't done anything more on my movie Prime yet.   Bought Titans Voyager Prime just cos I liked what could be done with it (reprolabels set looks good so may buy that). And you can see I got two more Tiny Turbos, using the code guide to pick the ones I wanted. =p

Yeah I saw the GB stuff in Toys R Us but they didn't have the firehouse.  Wonder what sorta figures I could use to make more realistic custom GB figures from?  Playmobil figs are 3 inches tall which probably means no GI Joe or 3.75" figures... Tricky.
CyberDrone Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Yeah my Asda is crap with Transformers. at they say the one near me is a megastore. pfft. crap more like. hehe

That Prime all painted looks great. hows yours coming along?

yeah seen the new Playmobil Ghostbusters stuff. I too was never a big fan of the figures even as a kid. they were just ok. didn't have many maybe 5? hehe. but the sets look great. Ecto 1 comes with lights and sounds. i think i may pick up that and some of the cheaper sets. hell even the firehouse is like £300 cheaper than Lego set at only £59.99 i think it's going for. just have no room for it really.
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